carimbo-PT-3HÉLICE/Photographers Using Photography – was born out of the acknowledgment made by its founders of the need for an advanced instance in Photography education that is able to think, alongside with its students, the place of photographic creation in the contemporary world.

With a focus scope on the education of authors that use photography to express their alterity, we believe that this is not a minor issue or a detail, artistic creation using photography can only happen with a deep understanding of the media in its historical, technical and theoretical levels. This knowledge is entangled with the history of the human throughout the modernity and into contemporaneity. Photography has contributed, as few other media, for our present culture.

With these premises set as the basis for our project, HÉLICE proposes a series of modules that draw up the praxis of a photographer that uses photography, both as an author and as creator of images for others.

The technical component will be enriched by the attendance of workshops in a monthly basis, these workshops will develop the specific technique of the photography apparatus as well as the thinking techniques of the mind that uses photography. The debates about creation practices of several authors will take place with a weekly periodicity and other photographers will be invited to present their work and engage in an open dialogue with the students.