This course has a limit of 8 students per year and it ends with an exhibition at Hangar.

The Comprehensive Training Program is composed of 3 weekly classes and 1 monthly workshop:

Project (3 hours/week) – This module is essentially composed of project debate classes. The classes will be initiated by the proposal of photographic project specific exercises, these exercises will go on during the first semester with the purpose of aiding the students in their search of an individual photographic expression. In the second semester the students will develop their own work with the help of two tutors, ending in the final presentation of their work at Hangar.

Theory (2 hours/week) – During a 2 hours weekly session this module will address theory issues of photography history, contemporary photography practice and the relationship of photography with other areas of artistic expression and scientific knowledge as anthropology or forensic science

Technique (4 hours/week) – This module is designed to address the technical needs that students may feel during the approach to their projects, as well as further development of subjects introduced by the workshops. It will be developed in weekly sessions of demonstration and application of specific techniques, in a working environment with the assistation of the HÉLICE team.

Workshops ( 1 per month) – All students  of the Comprehensive Training Program are obligated to attend one workshop per month (included in the monthly fee). The workshop program can be found here, the workshops intend to develop training in specific areas, increasing students technical skills and simultaneously developing specific thinking on photography.