HÉLICE/PHOTOGRAPHERS USING PHOTOGRAPHY is a part of HANGAR – CENTRE FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH (http://www.hangar.com.pt/) that has been running since 2015 at Rua Damasceno Monteiro nº 12 in Lisbon, Graça district. In the Hangar we continually find several artists in residence, exhibitions and workshops of various kinds, conferences, debates and activities for children. The school has the support of the team of Hangar and Xerém Association, and the inclusion of students in a creative and varied environment can only bring benefits to their artistic development.

In order to promote an idea of school that has its basis in a continuous and active experimentation, students will be allowed access to a studio equipped with electronic and continuous lighting, an analog laboratory with large format enlargers, and a multipurpose space where the discussion and analysis of the work, as well as the theoretical sessions, will take place.

Students can also use a wide range of photographic equipment (large format, medium format and 35mm film cameras, digital cameras, scanner) according to the rules of use set by the school.