1st Semester


Large Format Photography – João Paulo Serafim.

Introduction to the 4×5 Field and View Cameras, theoretic and practical approach, tilt and shift movements at the front and back of the camera. Depth of field and the Scheimpflug principle.


Zone System, Reciprocity and Magnification – José Soudo.

Historical and technical approach to the Ansel Adams zone system. Photometry and light reflection indexes. Specific magnification and reciprocity problems in the photometry of particular situations.


Digital Zone System – Cláudio Melo.

Introduction to digital imaging and photometry: the histogram and its relationship with the zone system, procedures to obtain the best color reproduction in digital.  Applied color management.


Documentary Photography Project – António Júlio Duarte.

This Workshop will engage the students in the development of a documentary photography project, including image capture and editing.


On location lighting technique using small portable flash bulbs. – Duarte Amaral Netto.

In this workshop we will be working with small flash bulbs in synchrony with the DSLR camera, in interior and exterior nocturnal situations, in order to produce specific lighting solutions.

2nd Semester


Crossroads (Theory) – José Leitão.


Salted paper printing (Calotype) – Rodrigo Tavarela Peixoto.

We’ll be performing the entire amount of operations that end in the light print on salted paper, tracing Fox Talbot steps. 1 – Salting the paper.  2 – Sensibilizing the paper with silver nitrate. 3 – Exposing to sun light in contact presses 4 – Fixing the image.


Wet Collodium – Paula Lourenço.

As one of the great popularizers of wet collodion in Europe, Quinn Jacobson, refers in his book Chemichal Pictures ­ the wet plate collodion book, “They (the people that attend to the workshops) have a desire to work in these old processes to say something in a new and interesting way … it’s a god thing to be forced to slow down and interact with real people and real material – to succeed and moreover to fail and not be able to photoshop it”.


Product Photography – Jewellery and watchmaking – Joaquim Justo.

Approach to specific studio lighting techniques to capture objects of jewelery and watchmaking; characteristic problems and solutions, glows, reflections, glass, etc..


The Photography Book – José Pedro Cortes, André Príncipe – Pierre von Kleist.

Introduction to the history and creation of the photo book, the importance of editing and narrative design of the photo book.